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Many Thillens clients are in highly compliant and regulated industries, such as financial services and gaming. They are safety and security-minded organizations with complex service and security needs. They have all put their trust in Thillens.

There are many reasons companies look for a new currency logistics provider.  Whatever your reasons,Thillens offers you a better way to manage your secure transport and cash logistics needs.



Over 250 financial institutions (mainly banks and credit unions) have partnered with Thillens to support their Treasury Management, Cash In Transit (CIT) and ATM/ITM/PTM servicing and replenishment needs.

Thillens has extensive experience servicing financial clients with hundreds of branch and ATM locations throughout the Midwest. As our financial services clients have grown their operations and expanded their geographic footprint, Thillens has been able to convert and service their expanded operations seamlessly.

We are a leader in the video gaming industry.  Outsourcing your route services to Thillens has distinct cost-savings advantages over managing the process internally.  Clients choose Thillens to reduce risks and liability, eliminate the need for vault processing costs, banking and armored courier fees, as well as reducing payroll and vehicle expenses.

With Thillens, your organization will benefit from having trained security and service experts.  And your retail customers will benefit by having gaming-specific route professionals experienced in evaluating risk while balancing player needs.


Thillens' retail customers include convenience stores, gas stations and other retail organizations that need safe and secure on-site deposit and cash processing solutions.

We offer a full suite of turnkey SmartSafe Solutions and cash recycler programs providing remote cash capture for all types and sizes of retail businesses.


Thillens has grown alongside us - seamlessly serving our expanded footprint and needs.

- Banking Client

By outsourcing our route services to Thillens, we eliminated our payroll and vehicle expenses and significantly reduced our liability.

- Gaming Client

With Thillens, we have a safer and more secure on-site cash capture operation for our retail branches.

- Retail Client



Technicians and Couriers

Our friendly, flexible, reliable and professional service provides clients with safe and secure on-site deposits and pick-ups, along with delivery of change orders.


Coin and Currency

Our comprehensive and efficient coin and currency services help our clients meet their customers' needs and improve settlement speed and accuracy.  Our services include:

  • Branch Cash and Coin Delivery

  • Cash and Coin In Transit (CIT)

  • Cash and Coin and Vault Processing

  • Check Deposit Processing

New Thillens Truck.jpg

Armored Transport

Thillens is the largest independent armored services provider in the Midwest.  Our armored trucks  are 5G-enabled and feature GPS tracking and cash accounting and reconciliation right on the trucks in real-time. Our fleet includes more than 70 secure vehicles and our highly trained professional team members have the skills required for top-notch safety, security and efficiency.

ATM Temp.png

ATM Services

Thillens helps you optimize the efficient management, replenishment and maintenance of your ATMs and other devices, such as Integrated Teller Machines (ITMs) and Personal Teller Machines (PTMs).  Our trained service professionals help you keep your machines up and running for the convenience of your business and your customers.

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 11.38.51 AM.png

Cryptocurrency Services

Digital currency ATM/kiosk cash deposit pick up, processing and cash replenishment.

Smart Safe Temp.png

Smart Safe Solutions

Through our partner relationships, Thillens is able to offer efficient and secure in-store cash operations.  Our SmartSafe solutions allow you to reduce trips to the bank, while providing you with complete visibility into your cash position.  Our solution encompasses installation, technical support, maintenance, transaction reporting for provisional credit and Cash In Transit (CIT) deposit and pickup.

Gaming terminal Temp.png

Gaming Terminal Services

Thillens understands how the service we provide to our gaming clients complements and elevates their business.  We recognize gaming operators need maximum uptime and consistent regulatory compliance to maintain their business.  Thillens will work with each client to review service frequency needs in tandem with your location days and hours available for service.

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